Great Depression Recipes From Texas

The great depression in the 1930s was a time of hardship, but it was also a time of creativity. She pops it in the oven until it’s nice and golden brown.

Woman Washing her clothes on her farm in Texas, 1939

They made do with what was in the cupboard and used what groceries they could buy in.

Great depression recipes from texas. Our texas hill country facebook page is growing by over 1,000 fans per day! In true great depression fashion, recipes offered during the era required cooking from scratch with ingredients readily available in the area like asparagus. His murals include “the naming of quanah” (quanah, 1938), “soil.

This recipe is in video form by clara, an elderly lady who since passed but who lived through the depression and shares recipes on her channel from that time. When eggs and butter were in short supply during the great depression, cooks turned to mayonnaise, which is essentially eggs and oil, to. We all used to marvel how she would only drink coffee.

Further, they have all the nutrients for being a great depression diet, ranging from fiber and 1/3 rd. I cannot think of the great depression without reminiscing about one of my favorite john steinbeck books, 'the grapes of wrath' where the joad family flees oklahoma due to inhospitable weather conditions caused by the texas and oklahoma dust bowl. Though the subject’s name was not recorded, he evokes the common agrarian lifestyle of the time.

The great depression caused many hardships, but the cuisine that came from it proves how resilient people can truly be. Then add some dry fruits and dry ingredients of your choice in the wet ingredients. Homemakers became proficient in making cakes without butter and eggs, and pie crusts from crackers.

The joads drive their old truck down the famous route 66 to the california sunshine in hopes of getting jobs as fruit harvesters in the. We always served this with warm corn bread. Jerry bywaters bywaters, born in paris, was a member of the dallas nine art collective, an art critic for the dallas morning news, and director of the dallas museum of art.

Take a large mixing bowl and add flour, sugar, cocoa powder, salt and baking soda and start mixing. 4 or 5 smoked ham hocks In fact, they are easy to store and were more affordable than other fruits.

Steps to make chocolate depression cake. 1 lbs of dry pinto beans; Now in another bowl, mix vanilla, vinegar, oil and water.

This mean is even better the next day! Learn how to make simple yet delicious dishes while listening to stories from the great depression.”. For her pizza recipe, she uses pizza dough (flour, extra virgin olive oil), tomato sauce, anchovies, romano cheese, basil and small pieces of mozzarella.

In 1930, coryell county, which is in central texas, was home to roughly 3,000 small farmers, who mainly raised cotton, cattle, sheep, and goats, according to the handbook of texas. Artists from across the country designed murals for texas post offices, but three prominent native texans contributed several murals each.

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